Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blog? Sure, why not.

Well, here I am.  Not sure what I'm doing here, but, hell, let's give it a shot.  I'm Kendra, a sassy young lady with a raucous demeanor.  I live in Portland, Oregon and LOVE it.  It's beautiful here, tons to do, and even more people to meet.  

I'm currently attending Portland State University working my butt off to get a Master's in International Management.  I've just completed my first term successfully!!! Woohoo! Only four more terms and a awesome trip to Asia until I'm done! So far I'm having a blast and learning so much, especially in my Chinese class.  

Oh, and, I almost forgot to mention, I'M A DIE HARD OREGON DUCK FAN!!!  Go Ducks!  Can't wait for the BCS Championship!  

So, as far as a game plan for this blog goes...I don't really have one.  I figure I'll just go with the flow, let you in on the events, activities, thoughts, and feelings of my life.  Of course, I'll try to keep it interesting...No guarantees. 

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