Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Things you Should Already Know by now

1. What’s important today won’t matter tomorrow

2. Everybody else is furiously improvising, so you can too
3. Nobody thinks about you as much as you think about  you
4. It’s OK to piss people off
5. Aspiration is for suckers

6. Nobody tells all the truth, all the time

7. Life doesn’t get better – only your perception of life improves

8. Your family comes first, but not to the detriment of everything else

9. You’re wrong as often as you’re right

10. Men should never wear wigs
 Wisdom by  Matthew Kimberley

A very wise friend of mine gave me some great words of advice yesterday.  He said to me, 
This statement, as simple a message it is, is complex in meaning.  I've realized that it's important to keep all the little things in perspective.  Ask yourself, Is this really worth stressing over?  Does this even matter?  Will this matter in a month? A year? 5 years?  So don't forget to breathe and keep in mind what's truly important in life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sahlia Michelle: Jewelry for the Urban Explorer

I recently discovered this wonderful Portland artist while cruising the web one day and I immediately fell in love with her designs.  Each piece is designed and handmade in her Portland studio. 

She uses semi-precious gemstones, hand-pounded sterling silver and her signature recycled molten silver droplets in many of her designs.  She is also a fan of using organic materials such as reclaimed leather, and feathers.  

Her jewelry is no unique, I just love it!  Not to mention, she also happens to be a total babe!  Here is just a tease of the beautiful work she has created:

The Designer in her Portland Studio (I told you she is a babe!)

This is my favorite look! The necklace is "5 blades"

Necklace: "Obsidian Toggle"

Earrings: "Hurricane Hoops"

From her Bridal line; Necklace: "Aquamarine with Silver Lace"
To check out more urban looks you can visit Sahlia Michelle or check out her Blog!  Man, I love it all!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Cricket

This is Cricket, my perfect little kitty. She keeps me sane when I'm alone and in need of a companion.  She's very protective of the things she loves (one more reason to love her). I once watched her growl for an hour at a tree trimmer cutting branches on her favorite tree...Do you have any pet stories to share? 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 Things I learned this week

1.  Palio Dessert & Espresso Shop is the perfect spot to cozy up, read a good book, drink yummy coffee, & eat even yummier desserts.  

2.  Don't leave your cat locked up in your apartment for 14 hours, otherwise you come home to an unpleasant surprise...

3.  How to live well:      1. Serve others
                                    2. Do something of real value
                                    3. Continue to grow
                                                     Wisdom from Temple Grandin PH.D.
4.  Sleep is for wimps, so I guess I'm a wimp
5.  H&M is a great place for fashionable work attire on a budget.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sorry I've been Away

This has been a crazy week filled with school, studies, and the Portland Bridal Expo.  You may be wondering how the heck I got involved in the Portland Bridal Expo...Well, long story short, I volunteered to help a friend and fellow classmate, Kim Morrison, in her attempt to enhance marketing for Cocoon Silk (a small bridal boutique in NW Portland).   

A little bit about the company: Cocoon Silk’s gowns are custom designed by Yun, a Portland transplant, and his mother who still lives in Cambodia. Gowns are custom made for the client. Yun and his staff work with clients to decide upon the gown design and client measurements are taken in-shop. The gowns are constructed out of 100% silk which is hand loomed and dyed with natural vegetable dyes in Yun’s home town in Cambodia. Cocoon Silk and Yun’s family’s silk farm employs Yun’s family in Cambodia as well as approximately 200 villagers. Once the gown is returned to Cocoon Silk’s NW 23rd shop, clients return for free alterations for an amazing custom fit done by Yun, his sister Leak, and Cocoon Silk staff.  For more info on the expo check out the Masters of International Management Blog!

Check out some of the pics from the Expo! 

Modeling dresses in the booth from Cocoon Silk 

On stage in a bridesmaid gown by Cocoon Silk

On stage in a gown by Cocoon Silk

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Side Note: Go Ducks!!!

Courtesy of

So the day has finally come!  After a month of waiting in anticipation, today the Oregon Ducks play for the Championship!  I'm giddy with excitement.  Check out these awesome uniforms Nike designed special for the game!

Getting to Know me

Since I haven't really given you all a fair chance to get to know me yet I thought I 'd give you a little insight into the things that make me happy.  So for the next 10 posts I'm going to show you...

1. Dancing

Dancing: I used to dance everyday. I miss it.  It's amazing how something can make you feel so good.  Ya know that feeling that runs through your body when you begin to move? It starts in your fingertips and travels all the way to your toes.  I love that feeling.  When I dance it feels like a familiar friend is joining me to play, a friend you can tell anything to, be crazy with, and have fun with.  Dancing is an amazing feeling, an outlet. It is freeing, so freeing. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh, What a Feeling!

Standing tall today. 
Feeling excited for life! 
Feeling like I can do anything! 
Don't ask me why, everything just feels right.  
Bring it on, world! Bring it on.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After 14 hours of class...

Anyone ever notice that "studying" is 
"student" and "dying" put together?

Need I say more? Long day of class and it's still not over.  I have homework to look forward to after :) 

And So it Begins Anew

A New Year
Another year begins, yet I'm not so excited to see what this years holds in store for me, but rather I'm still waiting for next year.  All I can think about is what I will be doing this time next year.  Will all of this schooling I'm doing now pay off?  Will I have a good job?  Will I be on my way to success?  
Cross your fingers...

A New Apartment
I moved into a brand new apartment this weekend.  It's current status: organized chaos.  Boxes are everywhere and strategically organized piles cover the floor.  But all is dandy because amidst the chaos is a new more exciting development....The Boyfriend is coming to join me! I can't wait!

A New Term
A not so new schedule.  It's back to the grind, back to the library,  and back to an endless stream of homework.  I feel like I have already begun to neglect both my friends and my poor kitty.  
But, alas, they keep saying it will all be worth it soon...

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