Monday, January 24, 2011

Sahlia Michelle: Jewelry for the Urban Explorer

I recently discovered this wonderful Portland artist while cruising the web one day and I immediately fell in love with her designs.  Each piece is designed and handmade in her Portland studio. 

She uses semi-precious gemstones, hand-pounded sterling silver and her signature recycled molten silver droplets in many of her designs.  She is also a fan of using organic materials such as reclaimed leather, and feathers.  

Her jewelry is no unique, I just love it!  Not to mention, she also happens to be a total babe!  Here is just a tease of the beautiful work she has created:

The Designer in her Portland Studio (I told you she is a babe!)

This is my favorite look! The necklace is "5 blades"

Necklace: "Obsidian Toggle"

Earrings: "Hurricane Hoops"

From her Bridal line; Necklace: "Aquamarine with Silver Lace"
To check out more urban looks you can visit Sahlia Michelle or check out her Blog!  Man, I love it all!

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