Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sorry I've been Away

This has been a crazy week filled with school, studies, and the Portland Bridal Expo.  You may be wondering how the heck I got involved in the Portland Bridal Expo...Well, long story short, I volunteered to help a friend and fellow classmate, Kim Morrison, in her attempt to enhance marketing for Cocoon Silk (a small bridal boutique in NW Portland).   

A little bit about the company: Cocoon Silk’s gowns are custom designed by Yun, a Portland transplant, and his mother who still lives in Cambodia. Gowns are custom made for the client. Yun and his staff work with clients to decide upon the gown design and client measurements are taken in-shop. The gowns are constructed out of 100% silk which is hand loomed and dyed with natural vegetable dyes in Yun’s home town in Cambodia. Cocoon Silk and Yun’s family’s silk farm employs Yun’s family in Cambodia as well as approximately 200 villagers. Once the gown is returned to Cocoon Silk’s NW 23rd shop, clients return for free alterations for an amazing custom fit done by Yun, his sister Leak, and Cocoon Silk staff.  For more info on the expo check out the Masters of International Management Blog!

Check out some of the pics from the Expo! 

Modeling dresses in the booth from Cocoon Silk 

On stage in a bridesmaid gown by Cocoon Silk

On stage in a gown by Cocoon Silk

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