Thursday, March 3, 2011

Explorations & Observations from Tokyo

Michelle, I, & Jenny in Shinjuku
Observations from Tokyo
  • Japan drives on the left side of the street! And, boy, do they drive fast!

  • You can buy anything and everything out of a vending machine

  • Walk with a purpose in Toyko. The people walk briskly and collisions are eminent. No one loiters or visits on the street or in the subway stations.
  • No eye contact. Japanese walk with their eyes always focused on the floor. (Although I witnessed a few eyes stray from the floor to look at us, silly Americans looking like lost little puppies.)
  •  You can smoke in any restaurant, but it is not allowed on the street...
  • The Japanese are all about comfort when it comes to the bathroom. The first time using the toilet in my hotel room was an experience. I sat down on the toilet and quickly jumped back up with surprise. The toilet seat was heated! And a heated bum came as quite a surprise.  The bathroom is also equipped with a heated mirror that does not fog over while you are using the shower!



Shibuya Square

  •  SEA GRAPES!!!  These little seaweed creatures are so delicious! They pop in your mouth!

Sea Grapes!

Garden at the hotel

Not feeling too well today. Must've gotten a bug, but hopefully I'll be back in action tomorrow!


  1. look at you, world traveler!! love it! if you have some downtime, I have a friend who lives in Tokyo that I'm sure could show you around or meet up for a drink. :) have lots of FUN!

  2. Wow! That would be so neat. I think thats cool that you can get anything from a vending machine!


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