Monday, October 24, 2011

Part II: Surgery

Ok, where did I leave off last time? Oh right, brain cyst, must operate. If you didn't get a chance to check out Part I of my series, A Healthy Dose of the Hospital, click here to catch up. 

After visiting the ER, I was instructed to head to Legacy Emanuel to be admitted as a patient where a neurosurgeon was on call and ready for me. We arrived at the hospital and I walked into the nuero ICU to get settled in to my new digs (complete with awesome bed and my very own bathroom). To everyone's surprise in the ICU, I walked in. (The nurses mentioned that most patients coming to the ICU did not usually fair so well). 

It was ackward at first, putting on a silly hospital gown, and socks lined with stickies to reduce the chance I would fall on my way to and from the bathroom and my bed. I didn't feel like I was sick, like I or my condition was deserved of being in the ICU. From my experience in my last job working at a hospital I knew that the ICU was where they put all CRITICAL patients. Was I critical? I mean, I was in pain, but I surely didn't feel critical. 

I settled in for the night, still bewildered by all that was about to take place. Brain surgery in the morning, no biggie. 

I laid down to sleep. Tonight, I thought to myself, I might actually get to sleep well...(minus the hourly check-ups). The thought of a good night's rest excited me. The past month I dreaded falling asleep every night because I knew that in a few hours, when my sleep cycle was at it's deepest, a migraine would sneak up on me and keep me awake and in pain for hours. Wistfully, sleep did not come so easily.   

Although the doctor had prescribed some heavy drugs to reduce the pain, my head still throbbed. The night went by slower than any night had ever gone by. I found myself constantly looking up at the clock only to discover that three minutes had passed. 

Around midnight the night got a bit more exciting. I projectile vomited ALL over the room- the curtains, the computer, the bed, my phone, my legs, my face....everywhere. I felt so bad for the nurses as they cleaned up my mess. EEEWWW. After I had re-situated myself in a new, freshly clean bed, I once again attempted to drift off into Dreamland. No luck. My face had begun to go numb. I called the nurse to let him know. I shifted my sleeping position, hoping that might help the numbness. The numbness persisted. At one point my whole right side of my face was numb up to my eyeballs. It was quite an odd feeling. Half of my tongue, teeth and lips were totally numb, but the other half normal. I finally found a position that relieved the numbness and shut my eyes. 

The rest of the night was thankfully, drama free. In the morning (5am) I was wheeled out of the ICU to get a MRI. Man, those things are horrible with a capital H. That noise! Really? Is that necessary? I had to stay perfectly still for an entire HOUR while this machine made the worst noises I've ever heard.  I'm so glad I shut my eyes before it began because, from what people have told me, it can get scary. 

Around 7am that morning I was informed that my surgery had been moved up due to my deteriorating health. (Apparently projectile vomiting and numbness are not good signs). Surgery took place later that morning around 10am. 

Surgery went well and of course I puked all over myself coming out of anesthesia (I must say, not my finest moment). I had two new wounds where the doctors had inserted a shunt and a brand new haircut. 
Stay tuned for part III of my series: A Healthy Dose of the Hospital, to find out what very unexpected events take place during recovery....seriously, you'll never guess. 


  1. Wow! What a shock for us, your readers, as well! I'm glad the surgery went well and I really hope you're feeling better! I'll be praying for you!

  2. I had no idea you were going through all of this! I hope you are feeling much better - sending lots of prayers and virtual hugs your way!!!


  3. oh my gooooooooooosh!!! this is so scary! you are so brave and your new haircut is fabulous!!!!!!

    i hope that you recover fast and feel better asap!!!!

    allister bee blog

  4. WOW Kendra I had no idea! I have been so out of it with school but seriously?! You are so brave!! and I agree, your haircut is very cool!!

  5. so glad that you are doing better!

    xoxo navy & orange


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