Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Best Things in Life

1. Not knowing the future
2. Knowing that everything is going to be okay
3. Falling asleep to the pitter patter of the  
4. Being trusted with a secret
5. Feeling pretty
6. Laughing so much it hurts
7. Making your own adventures
8. Lying in the grass on a warm, sunny day
9. Feeling the sun kiss your face
10. Fluttering of butterflies in your stomach
11. Stealing secret smiles
12. Discovering the person you like, likes you 
13. Breaking the rules
14. Doing what no one thought you could
15. Being you because you are awesome
16. Stopping to enjoy the scenery
17. Taking it all in, all of it
18. Holding hands
19. Knowing how much your family loves you
20. Making your dreams come true



  1. awe!!! i love this!! i do have to say that no. 3,4 & 5 are my favorite!!!

    thanks for the comment, lovely lady!!! i'm excited for the cruise and i'm glad you liked the post today!! i love those colors, too!!

    allister bee blog

  2. i LOVE these!!! you just calmed my crazy stressful day down a little! thank you :)

    XO! Vanessa (the gal)


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