Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inspiring Family Photos

While rummaging through a suitcase filled with old photographs at my parents house this weekend I stumbled upon some vintage photos of my relatives from way back when. It was fascinating to see the wonderful fashion of the past, especially the 20's. I just love how dressed up everyone got! 
Even the men were styling! 

My Great Grandmother, Lorena, in 1929

 (center) My Great Grandmother, Lorena, in 1916 at age 15
(left) Claude Leon Burton
(right) Lucian Roagly
Make sure to look at the bubble skirt my Great Grandmother is wearing, so stylish. 
Love all the different hats!

Great Grandmother, Lorena, after college graduation
Lorena was a buyer for a department store so, of course, she was stylish from head to toe!
unknown, 1919
Check out those hats!

My Great Uncle, Claude, in 1926 at age 16

Claude at age 18 in 1928
After looking through so many photos with such fabulous fashion I thought I would put together a few contemporary looks inspired by my dashing  family!

  20s inspiredMore 20s inspiredHope you enjoyed this glimpse into my family history and their fabulous fashion!

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  1. That is so cool you found all those. I love the first inspiration board. I want to wear that now.


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