Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter Weekend in the Woods

Hi Lovelies! This last weekend Taylor and I spent a wonderful weekend in the woods near Mt. Hood. As always, we had an amazing time full of adventure and fun. We stayed in the quintessential mountain log cabin (built in 1937, charming, rustic, and oh so comfy), drank coffee at the river's edge, strolled through the snow to a hidden waterfall, and did a whole lot of snuggling by the fire. We always have so much fun and this trip was no different. Here are our Instagram reels from the weekend. Be sure to check out Row 4 to see pics of our awesome cabin! 
Row 1: Pics from our hike in the woods
Row 2: Just me being me :)
Row 3: Taylor and I, Taylor playing guitar 
Row 4: Our cabin!!! So cool!
Row 5: River pic is the view from the cabin's property! So beautiful! 
Next adventure coming soon! T minus six days- Taylor and I are off to Colorado for Thanksgiving!

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