Thursday, September 1, 2011

Put a cork in it

After a wonderful weekend of wine tasting, gorging myself with delicious foods, and visiting with my fantastic family in Walla Walla, WA I can truly see why so many people love Walla Walla and all it has to offer. It may not be the biggest city, or the most well known, but what it lacks in status and size, it more than makes up for in wine, eats, treats, and good hearted, fun loving people (not to mention the beautiful landscapes of rolling hills, farmland, and vineyards.   

My Dad and I recently road tripped east, just as a father/daughter duo, to get in some R&R time. It was a wonderful weekend, and needless to say, I came home with quite a few bottles of wine 
(Thanks Dad!). 

Now, home in Portland, and blissfully drinking away the contents of my newly amassed collection of wine, I am wondering what to do with the left over bottles and corks...

I've found a few creative ideas online. 
Which do you like the best? 

And don't worry, I have PLENTY of corks (All of the vineyards I visited graciously gave me there used corks.) 

*Disclaimer: Ok, I know I've been using a lot of collages lately, but I'm a little obsessed. I found this awesome photo editing site called Picture2Life. It's the best free photo editor I've found, so naturally I'm excited.

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