Saturday, April 9, 2011

Iphone anyone?

Lets celebrate! I just got an Iphone4! I've been waiting years to get one and the day finally came (Stupid Verizon). I was so excited to make this purchase, yet I was unprepared for all the other accessories that, once introduced to, my mind was unable to ignore. 

My thoughts immediately spun into a whirlwind of possibilities. I decided to opt out of Verizon's generic and lackluster accessory selection and opted to find some creative and unique ones elsewhere. Naturally, I immediately began surfing the Internet for the coolest Iphone cases out there. 
Here's what I found:
Incase Andy Warhol Series
My personal favorite

Homegrown Portland Company!

Signimade Shop


And if you really need some bling in your life...
Casecabin's Shop
Also a Portland company

CWestbrook Designs

If you think those are cute, don’t even get me started on the Iphone pouches...

I haven't even begun to sort through the thousands of apps out there. Do you have any favorites you would recommend?


  1. Kendra I love it! I am jealous, I can't wait until the day I can have one. Check out this one, it's pretty awesome wood grain and it looks so cool if you get one of those cases that is just black on the sides and clear on the back.


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