Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some much needed Rehab

I've been obsessing lately over creative ways to make old furniture look new and unique (since I'm on a very limited budget, after all). Here are some dressers that have been revived and all dressed up. Some use paint and others use decals. Either way, it makes for a great look! Check them out! 

Loving the distressed look on this one!

Ok, I know this isn't a dresser, but I just thought it was such a unique and easy way to spice up your furniture. This is an Ikea Lack $10 side table!  All you need to do is pick up a table at your local Ikea or find one of the millions posted on Craigslist, tape a design onto the surface and paint over it. Once the paint is dry, pull off the tape to reveal a stylish and unique table! Easy Shmeezy! Love it! 


  1. I'm such an ikea hacker! I love that last one too. But all of them are amazing. I too loved the distressed look on that london calling dresser.

  2. I could literally spend hours in Ikea! And maybe even move in :) There are so many ideas for great spaces there. Next thing they need to come out with is definitely a distressed line of furniture!

  3. I love the one with the England flag! so cool! x


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