Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This weekend was, well, awful. My lovely cat went missing. For those of you that don't know, my kitty is my child. Some even say I love her more than my boyfriend (It's a close race). So when she didn't show up after a full day and night I became distraught. She often spends the night outside, but never more than eight hours. So naturally, I was worried. 

My Kitty, Cricket
Another night passed with no kitty and so panic mode kicked into gear. It was time to take every action available. My boyfriend and I scoured the neighborhood for her, calling out her name, shaking a bag of yummy cat food, and even bringing along a towel that she liked to lay on in case she picked up the scent. No luck. 

We returned to the apartment, feeling defeated and sad. I began posting missing ads on every petfinder website and community bulletin I could find while my boyfriend put up posters in the neighborhood.

I quickly began receiving calls from people who had seen my ads and wanted to help. I received one call from a woman on 50th & Hawthorne (4 miles from home). The woman explained that she had seen my kitty all the way out there.

I thought it was a little improbable, but in my desperation to find my kitty, my boyfriend and I jumped in the car and drove to the area. We walked street by street as it poured down rain for about an hour before we gave up and went back home yet again. 

So after hours of searching and putting up posters we decided to do one more search. This time, looking in every crack and crevice that a little mischievous kitty would hide in. During the search we stopped in front of Cricket's favorite yard and begun to strategize where to search next... AND all of sudden, my boyfriend, Chris, shushed me, "Quiet! Shush!" I quietly listened and miraculously a song of meows came pouring out of the garage door behind us. 

I was beyond happy. I got my little stinker back! I can't imagine not coming home to that little furball everyday. 

Thank you to all my neighbors that so graciously helped in the search!

So, yes, this weekend sucked, but after it all, I'm just ecstatic that I still have my little kitty. She just better not do that again!

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