Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Showers bring, well, Home Depot Flowers

Messing around with my camera at the nursery:

The boyfriend and I have decided to attempt to grow a garden of goodies this season...
And by "boyfriend and I" I mean just him because I pretty much kill anything green...
I swear, I have a talent for killing plants, even the ones people say you have to really work hard to kill. I've even managed to kill three cacti. 


  1. HA I'm the same way! I've killed cacti several times, when people give them as gifts that I "can't kill". I've even killed two orchids while house sitting :(

  2. HAHAH this is hilarious! I love plants but sometimes (aka much of the time) forget to "feed" them.. whoops :( I'm a bad plant mommy.

    Anywhoo, there is a little blog award waiting for you @



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